HighriseHQ.com - Still the best software around


Unfortunately, if you do not already have an account, you can’t open one. The software will stop being developed further, but for current users will remain as is for ever. Very fast, intuitive, flexible, and useful


Hello @Bismarkd34 and welcome to the community! Thank you for the tip about Highrise. Too bad it is too late.

I remember watching some videos about Highrise a few years ago but I never logged onto it. My needs at the time were more oriented to only task management and I thought the CRM aspect would add too much distraction that I would not be making use of. That was probably correct. Now I wish I had created an account!

Basecamp seems to have a history of dropping their task managers like this! I remember they did the same thing (when they were still 37 Signals) with Ta Da List so that they could focus on developing Basecamp. Of course, that was a good decision for them.

Well, I am glad you are happy with it and still have access. What about it do you like the best that moves you to name it the best software around?