New Member: Philippa Gillström from Stockholm, Sweden


My story is long and complicated. Sometimes I actually envy folk who have grown up in one place and hardly moved around at all. Anyway, keeping it as short and sweet as possible: I grew up in the UK except for a couple of years in Switzerland as a teenager (at an American International School). After university I packed two suitcases and moved to Germany. There I worked as an English teacher, bank clerk and did a stint in sales. I married a lovely German man and had two sons. In my early thirties I moved to Sweden to the island of Gotland in the Baltic sea. There I lived with my wonderful sons and my lovely second husband, a Swede. I worked as a teacher, careers advisor, administrator and then principal. In my early forties I moved to Stockholm so my sons could get streetwise in the Big City after their Astrid Lindgren style childhood on Gotland. I started a company teaching teenagers and young adults how to study and learn. Then over the past year I have let my artwork take more space in my life and I have sold several pieces. Now that my eldest son has left home and my youngest is out exploring the world I suddenly have lots of extra time on my hands.Ok I do have a wedding to plan. I’m getting married to an Englishman next year. (You may giggle!) Right now the plan is to find a job to get my teeth into this autumn. My business is still there in the background, however I’m not sure where I want this to go right now. So being a part of the Cherry Task community is my way of keeping me in touch with the entrepreneurial world while I ponder over my next chapter in life. I am very interested in productivity and am currently GTD-ing my life. It’s a revelation! Another fun fact about me is that I now have duel citizenship - I am a Brit and a Swede.


@PhilippaG It is great to see you here! Welcome to the community. You have certainly detailed a very rich (and from the sound of it, busy) life! Working with Getting Things Done (GTD) is certainly a great way to ground yourself given all the moving parts of your life.

Is there a particular aspect of GTD that you struggle with? Or anything else productivity related?

Please feel free ask here for help. Clarification. Guidance. That’s what we are here for. :wink:


Part of what I struggle with is that things come up on my focus that I would LOVE to continue procrastinating over. But it’s like magic - that list in my face and it makes me “just do it!”. Quite powerful actually. So my problem is a pleasant one at the moment.

However I have noticed that Nirvana isn’t 100% reliable. I had a reminder on repeat for a month so i could get into the daily habit of a small task and some days I realised it wasn’t showing up. It showed up if I searched for the task and then went into it and re-saved my settings. Have you had any experience of this or heard of this problem cropping up?

OK, and while I’m writing this I would like some advice on when to use the due date and when to schedule something in my task management system. Both turn up on the date in my focus anyway.


Wow, that’s pretty amazing! A good problem indeed. :slight_smile:

Regarding your task manager, NirvanaHQ, when you say the task “didn’t show up” can you elaborate? Are you checking off the task every day? Where are you looking for it? My experience with the daily recurring tasks in NirvanaHQ is that they are created as Next Actions and they are given focus automatically.

Are you on the Pro Plan? I think the recurring task feature is only available on the Pro Plan.

Regarding when to use a due date, I suggest only including a due date when it is an actual due date.

For example, if you have a task to pay your credit card bill, that will require an actual due date because there is a penalty if you miss it.

Instead, if you want to complete a task such as “Purchase new screwdriver from the hardware store” by the weekend, I would not include a due date unless there is a true need to have the screwdriver in your possession by the weekend. Wanting to complete something by a date does not require a due date because there is no consequence for missing it. You just do it by the next weekend.

In NirvanaHQ, when you schedule a task you essentially setting a Start Date. This has nothing to do with the due date (when the task must be completed by). If a task is scheduled, it will be on your Schedule list, but it will not show up in your Next Actions list until you reach that date. When the Start Date arrives, the task will automatically move to the Next Actions list and receive focus, making that task available to begin working on it.

Scheduling a task can be very useful when you know you will not work on something for a period of time or when you simply cannot work on it yet. Let’s say you want to plant tulip bulbs. The best time of year to do this is in September or October. So, when you think of the idea and it is only June, you should schedule the task for the beginning of September.

The reason scheduling can be so powerful is that it helps keeps your active lists more trim and less overwhelming.

I hope this helps! Please speak up if you need more clarification.


I’m checking ot off every day and then looking for it in focus each day. It doesn’t always come up.
Just saw there is an app update, so just doing that. Perhaps it has fixed that bug then…
I’ve also noticed over the past couple of days that stuff is marked as “due” with a red box in “next” but isn’t coming up with a yellow star in focus. All rather mysterious. However your explanation about when to use due and schedule has helped me a lot. I was over-using due and ending up with rather too many focus items for the day.

Gladly, I am not put off by these abnormalities that I am noticing. I figure they are bugs that will soon be fixed and more than likely the problem is user-based! :wink:

This was perfectly described. I get it now! :relaxed: Thanks!