What is your favorite productivity method?


The subject line says it! Let’s discuss our favorite productivity methods. What have you tried that has had the biggest impact on your productivity?

For me, it is hands-down Getting Things Done by David Allen. The logic and practicality of this system have helped me make sense out of a chaotic existence on this planet. LOL

I have a few favorite aspects of GTD that really help make it shine.

First is the capture habit. By capturing my thoughts right away, and having my system tuned to accept the input in a way that I will find it later, I have avoided many disasters!

Second is the weekly review. This is the cornerstone of GTD that makes sure the information is up to date. There is no use in having a system if the information in it does not help you.

Last, I have found exceptional utility in the concept of Next Actions. It forces me to pre-think through my process and identify what I need to in advance. This saves me from the dreaded “I don’t know what I should be working on now” problem once I finally have time to do something meaningful!

So, what is your favorite productivity method? Why?